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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Bedroom Decorating For Girl

Every parent wants to make their little girl feel like a princess. They deserve a place that is all theirs, reflecting their unique personality and interests. A space where they can explore their creativity, learn and grow. Their bedrooms are a place to do just that.

When it comes to decorating a girl’s bedroom, you may be stumped. What if her interests change? What sort of space will she need? How do you incorporate her ideas into the overall scheme of the household? If any of these questions have resonated with you, fear not. We’re here to share a few girl’s bedroom ideas that are sure to create a space she will enjoy for years to come.

Decorating With Your Child’s

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, view it as a chance to bond with your daughter. This is an opportunity to let her creativity shine and allow her to express herself. After all, she will be spending the most time in this room. However, help guide her choices to best meet the needs of the home. For example, when I was a girl, my dream was to paint my bedroom lime green. Yikes! My parents worked with me to find a mutual compromise by using the bright color I loved in accessories throughout the room. They were happy with the final product and I had the bedroom of my dreams. Remember that compromise is possible between you and your child.

As a parent, you also are aware of how they will be growing and changing. Space for a dollhouse may not be needed as your daughter reaches high school. Consider this as you work together to plan for the new bedroom décor.

Girls Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to choosing the perfect bedroom furniture, you want to look for function and quality. While you can easily buy a standard bed, there are many modern options that have unique storage features. Consider a bed with drawers in the frame for shoes or toys. Or, for a smaller room, a loft bed is the perfect way to create more useable space for a desk or a play set.

Also, keep in mind furniture options that she can use as she grows, like dressers or added shelving. Little girls may not need all the space yet, but a teen girl’s closet might need more storage if she’s a frequent mall visitor!

Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

For a girl in elementary school or early middle school, they are looking for space to play! Incorporate areas for toy storage or shelving to display her prized possessions. Utilize bedding and curtains to add color to the room, which can be changed out as she gets older.

Safety should always be a priority in little girls’ rooms. Be sure to keep everything low to the ground and in reach, so you avoid any falling object accidents. If there are shelves above her head, include stools to help her reach higher places carefully.

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Most likely, teenagers will want to be an active part of the bedroom décor planning, incorporating their favorite trends in to the mix. String lights and gallery wall photo collages are very trendy right now and a versatile décor option.

If possible, make space for homework and projects with a desk or study space. Try to keep distractions in this area at minimal if possible, so she is able to focus on the task at hand. Another space she may need is an area to get ready. A small mirror and table will allow her space to store makeup or accessories to get ready for the day.

Girl’s Bedroom Themes

Bedroom decorating is always easier if you have a theme in mind! Here are a few girl’s bedroom themes to get you thinking about what you can include in your girl’s room.

Black & White Décor

For a timeless bedroom look, that will surely grow with her, a black and white bedroom is the perfect fit. To add color, choose bedding and wall décor with unique patterns or bright colors. These can easily be changed if her interests change. Pink and purple make for great accent colors in a black and white room to really make the décor pop.

Princess Décor

For younger girls, a princess themed bedroom is sure to enchant them. Pastels, glitter and frills is what this room calls for. To give the room a royal treatment, try hanging a canopy over the bed and multiple mirrors as wall décor.

Floral Patterns

Nothing says “girls room” like floral décor. But don’t confuse it old and outdated patterns. There are many bright and modern floral designs that your daughter will love. For a vintage look, choose smaller floral patterns and consider a decorative wallpaper. For a contemporary look, find big floral patterns in pink, orange and yellow.

Bold & Beautiful

It’s possible to paint in a bold color and enjoy it! With the proper accessories and right color, your daughter can have a stylish room that she will enjoy. In fact, a bold paint can even help brighten your home. A turquoise or purple can fashionably add color to a room without sacrificing style. If painting an entire room might seem too extreme, try an accent wall featuring one bold color.

Boho & Whimsical

Teenage girls absolutely love this theme because they have the ability to mix and match without clashing. For room color, choose a lighter yellow or green color. Unique light fixtures are key here to really style the space. Incorporate accents of red, gold and purple in curtains and bedding. Have her choose artwork and wall decorations to really complete the look.


Designing a girl’s bedroom does not have to be difficult. From planning to painting, incorporate them into the decorating process to not only teach them new skills but create an unforgettable experience for you both.

Ways To Decorating With Accessories

One of the least effort consuming and relatively inexpensive ways to decorate a room is with the help of accessories and decorative elements. The impact can really change the atmosphere and bring a totally new spirit to every room. Various effects can be created and switched with different rugs, throw pillows, pieces of art and lighting, if you use them wisely. Adding ornaments can contribute to a fresher image, but you have to be really careful to not clutter all the space in your home.

Keeping it clean and simple is always the safest option, but if you chose and combine accessories properly, your home decor will be taken to a whole new level. Here’s how to create a great look using accessories.

Mind the Proportions

Prior to choosing and purchasing new accessories, or using old ones, you have to first get a clear idea of the scale of your room and the size of the decorations that will best fit the free space. Right proportions are what truly distinguish bad from excellent décor.

Do not make the mistake of choosing a tiny ornament for a large, clean and empty space. This will imply a sense of scarcity. Placing too small a rug on the floor of an extensive area would be an example of a proportion mistake. Be careful with the paintings you hang on your walls and avoid accessorizing too small a space with large pieces of art.

Play with Colors & Fabrics

Neutral shades are always a safe bet, but if you want to experiment, there are plenty of options for you. Colored furnishings and bold texture combinations can do miracles for your living room or patio decor, but they can also be very tricky. Original and cheerful accessories will add visual interest to even the most tedious space.

In order to achieve contrast, you can exchange some accessories from one room with those of another. Do this whenever seasons change or to imply a certain style that corresponds to your current mood. Who says that the lovely spa basket can only stay in the bathroom? Put it in the guest room as a welcome compliment to your most beloved friends or relatives.

Bet on Quality

Less is more in most home decor cases. Avoid the mass produced tiny knick-knacks, however cheap or easily available they may be. Isn’t it a lot better to invest in a special, unique accessory that will surely complement and add design value to your space? Just one or two items with clean design, made of classy material will give a modern appearance to your place.

Contemporary interior usually includes natural hues, smooth and polished finishes. If you choose to stick to this trend, you should know that the polished accessory easily gets grimy, so  be prepared for frequent cleaning. After all, you‘ll have to clean your decorations even if they‘re not so sophisticated. At least make these efforts worthwhile by having items you and your guests will really enjoy.

Layer the Accessories

Be sparing when it comes to larger decorative elements and put them first. Then proceed with medium-sized and small ones if you have them. Fill wide gaps with small elements to achieve balance and leave some breathing space at the same time. Another good idea is to gather decorations of the same theme and different sizes in a group. This will allow you to concentrate on a certain theme without making the space look too flat. You do not need to cover every free surface with decor. Use a few accessories and clean the area frequently. It will look much better than if it were cluttered with items.

Go Asymmetric

Grouping differently sized accessories will also provide your room with balanced décor and will help you escape from the ordinary symmetry. An odd number, like three or five, interesting candles or vases will look way more intriguing on the mantelshelf compared to the general dressing, a mirror in the center and a decorative element on each side.


With the endless variety of home decor items to select, accessorizing has become a complicated and tricky task. Nevertheless, enhancing your home’s interior is absolutely possible for those who know what they‘re doing. Dare to mix textures and colors, arrange your accessories in layers with different heights and widths. This is your home and its main purpose is to make you feel comfortable, so you‘re not obliged to observe any trends.

Professional interior designers can provide you with tons of ideas, but never forget that the final decision is yours to make. No one can make you get rid of your favorite accessories if you still love them. Choose what truly represents you and your home will be making its best statement.

4 Tips For The Perfect Remodel

Is there a room in your house you know is not working? Maybe it’s outdated with cabinets straight out of The Brady Bunch. Or, maybe the layout is doing nothing for the space. Whatever the reason, the space simply doesn’t make you happy. You might be hesitant to start a project because you don’t think you have a clear sense of design. Fear not. You have it in you to design a space you love!

I take clients through the selections process to pick out the elements that will go into their remodel. We’ve had clients who think they can’t put together a cohesive design if their life depended on it. But, they end up with a wonderful new room they love! With these four tips, you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect remodel for your home.

1. Start With One Element

Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to make all of your selections at once. Start with one piece, like countertops and begin to match items from there. To make this even easier, decide what you want as the focal point of the room. For many kitchens, that could be the granite or the backsplash. If you enjoy cooking, your appliances could be a great feature to highlight. In a bathroom, it might be the tiled shower, and in a basement, it might be the entertainment center.

Every room will have a different focal point. Use this to your advantage by starting with something you love for that element and choosing other selections that go with it.

2. Take Samples With You

Once you have that first selection picked out, get a sample, or even a picture and bring to the next showroom to pick out another selection. Continue to pick up color and fabric samples as you make more selections. Not everything has to match, but you want to make sure that things aren’t clashing and that they mix well.

Take the samples you get from each place and carry them with you to the showrooms to compare the options. Once you get home, put them next to each other and view them in natural light. This will help in the design coming together.

3. Ask A Designer for Help

You don’t have to hire an interior designer to help with a remodel, although it doesn’t hurt if you do. Most showrooms have their own designers that specialize in helping you pick those selections out. They can help steer you toward the best choice for your design. When I take my clients to a showroom, I always make an appointment with one of their designers. They can answer questions about the specific materials, find selections within a certain design style, or simply offer their insight. Try to make an appointment ahead of time to get the designer’s undivided attention for your project’s needs. If you feel like you’re stuck, any additional input will help.

4. Trust Your Instincts & Have Fun

You know your preferences better than anyone else. Ultimately, this is your living space and it should be the product of your ideas and desires. Plus, this should be a fun process. You have the ability to completely recreate your space to be exactly what you want it to be. Starting from scratch, adding on to what is already existing, you’re in control of your project.


The secret to a perfect remodel is simply knowing what you like and don’t like. You have the ability to pick out what you like, put it into your design, and make it look like something straight out of a design magazine.

How To Design Home With A Rustic Theme

Rustic design emphasizes the rugged, natural beauty. Although it was originally inspired by log cabins, contemporary rustic decor ditched the somewhat heavy and dark look for a more fresh, homey and grounded style. With its organic textures, shapes and earthy tones, the rustic design will give your home a true gateway in the heart of the city.

Since this trend is all about being closer to nature and celebrating the art of repurposing, you can easily achieve the rustic look with a couple of clever solutions and techniques.

1. Open Floor Plan

Rustic homes are usually more open and airy, without visual blockers to interrupt the flow from one room to another. Avoid placing dividers such as a large sofa or table between the different areas in the house. For example, the dining room can blend well into your living room. This type of floor plan also makes domestic cleaning or spring cleaning and general maintenance pretty easy.

2. Natural Elements

Rustic design is raw, unrefined and boldly authentic. Incorporate natural materials such as wood, metal and stone in your interior. Pick organic fibres such as wool, hemp or cotton for your rugs and blankets. Use stone on your fireplaces, sinks and countertops.

Tree branches and thick trunks can be used for bases of tables. Large wooden center islands can definitely raise the game for your kitchen. Wood planks will make amazing wall shelves. Metals like bronze and galvanized corrugated iron works great in a rustic home, adding depth.

3. Weathered Materials

Rustic interiors evoke a sense of connection to the past. The decor elements should appear older and worn out. Distressed and tarnished metals, surfaces with a little age on them and seeded glass will automatically enhance the rustic look in your place. Again, wood is the key to creating that log cabin appearance. You can include it in almost any part of your home, from window casing and blinds, to walls and flooring. Use reclaimed wood for your table, kitchen cabinets and countertop to add up some of the simplicity and cosiness of an old-fashioned home.

4. Organic Shapes

Simple shapes and rugged surfaces are major elements of rustic decor. Pick furniture and accessories with slightly rough form. Avoid overly-tailored or mass-produced items. However, you can bring in a few sleek and clean surfaces such as simple cabinetry and shelving to tighten up the overall look.

5. Warm, Earthy Colors

To give your home that rustic appearance, use warm colors like rust and burnt orange and earthy tones such as olive green and multiple shades of browns. The rustic palette is inspired by the fall scenery. Think of the colors of the fall trees. Whether you use them in the sofa, bedding, art or accessories, adding these hues to the decor will create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Golden yellow, red and faded turquoise are ideal for accent pieces. Warm colors will help create contrast and dimension in your living space.

6. Repurposed Items

One of the great things about rustic design is that you can make use of what you already have. If you stumble on an old object while cleaning your home, don’ throw it away. Wire baskets can be turned into light fixtures, tarnished pails into sinks and wooden crates can be transformed into wooden treads. With rustic design, you have the freedom to explore your DIY skills.

7. Textural Fabrics

Decorate your home with different textures and undertones to make the place come to life. Forget about the delicate textiles like lace and silk. Go for sturdy fabrics that give the typical wear and tear appeal of a rustic decor. Burlap, linen, cotton and wool are durable options. A thick woven blanket will bring nice texture to your place. Another benefit of the organic fabrics is that they don’t stain easily and don’t require frequent cleaning. Mix and match different patterns and fabrics to create versatility and a homey look.

8. Accessories

When it comes to accessories, pick roughed up pieces or nature inspired details. Put a couple of pine cones on your table setting or on your shelving to enhance the outdoorsy theme associated with a rustic design. The home-grown appeal of folk art will look well in a rustic interior. Rugs and blankets with ikat or quilt patterns and earthy tones will add a unique tinge to your place. Bring the woods inside your home by including a print art or photography of a nature scenery. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, fill your living space with candles. Warm and offbeat lightening will bring a sense of intimacy to the room.


With its natural warmth and organic shapes, rustic design is becoming just as popular in the urban environment as it is out in the woods.